Crafts for a busy life

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We all know how fast time flies by

Crafts keep people grounded. Force us to step away from the computer and focus on doing something concrete - OK, so maybe not exactly concrete: who'd want a sweater made of that?

My entries into the local fair in June 2014

Crafts = Passion. Beauty. Sentiment

Know a crafter? Then you know a passionate person. The urge to create washes over and can feel exhilarating, over-whelming....I LOVE that  feeling!

Beauty speaks for itself - and it's not in the eye of the beholder. Colour, texture, design and imagination combine to make exquisite things. Do I need a new shopping bag? No, but I'd rather tote a durable creation of my own than the bland ones for sale at the checkout counter.

Sentiment. Whenever I make something, I have an intended recipient. I choose colour and design based on their personality. During the process, I think of that person - and I send them email, make a phone call and generally deepen my connection with them.

How can I help you with crafts?

Easy. I tell you my stories. I have lots of them...some are more true than others :)

There's the one of how I learned to crochet...that epic FAIL of my first quilt...the first ever cross-stitch kit I convinced Mom to buy...the challenge of finding a quilt pattern for the discerning early teen...

I'm full of lots of stuff - let's keep it clean here! - I've tried many crafts: some more successfully than others. I feel confident in my skills in crochet, scrapbooking, card making, quilting and partying! My son (now 5) loves to be my helper and I've learned to work with his energy to get him involved in crafts too!

But one thing that's been true through it all is crafting breeds connections, and connections make traditions.

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