Mystery Quilting

I love mystery quilts. I like how I go in knowing almost nothing - it's exciting to be in the dark. OK, there is a pre-release of suggested colour or values for fabric selection, but no clues to the design or techniques used in the assembly.

This year, I am happy to have found a twist on the usual BOM - a mystery BOM where you get a chapter and a block pattern! So cool! This one is being hosted by Deborah at and I am so totally encouraging her to repeat this next year!

I like how this pile looks together!

This pattern had a lot of colours in the instructions, but I like a more monochromatic colour scheme, so I used the colour values listed to choose a blue and white scheme with the gold accents.

A better look at the prints I chose

My fabric choices are really a reflection of my outdoor taste. I love the sky, so shades of blue, grey, white and pop of gold are what I'm using. Most of these cuts are from Connecting Threads, my go to online fabric source. The exceptions are the grey fat quarter (Walmart) in the top row, the white with blue print in the centre row (inherited fabric) and the yellow chevron fat quarter (also from Walmart).

Block One

Each month a new chapter is released along with a block with the same name. To preserve the mystery, I won't tell you the names of each block - but I don't know that it would help you solve the mystery anyway!

Block Two

I think this is my favourite block so far. I really like the interplay of the fabrics and the soft curve of that bold gold!

Block Three

Simple piecing so far! I can stitch these curves quite smoothly too :)

Block Four

My first attempt at reverse applique. I'm not loving it. I didn't have any stabilizer, so that might have helped to prevent the puckering, but lots of others have issues even with the extra step. It's probably a practice makes better technique too. I need more practice!

Block Five

Super easy cutting and piecing for the May block! We've been told that for the summer months we have easy blocks, so I'm hoping to knock them off pretty quickly after the release of the new clues.

I had downloaded all the patterns each month, but hadn't even decided on fabric choices until 2 weeks ago. I got all the blocks cut in about an hour, then set them aside to stitch at my weekly quilting group. I don't know why I waited so long - they've been straight forward to assemble - and I'm beginning to really like the modern design.

The June block will be released this week, so I need to get moving on it. If I complete the block before the new release, I get a secret clue to help solve the mystery. At this point, I don't have any idea who did it, so I need all the extra help I can get! (Maybe I should have done my earlier blocks on time to get those extra clues!)

Are you a mystery lover too? Tell me about your last adventure!

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