New quilting toys!

This week I received two packages in the mail. Both were prizes from last year's Make it a Handmade Christmas Challenge hosted by SewCalGal. This site relocated in January to so go over and support all the fun goings on!

I entered several months' challenges, with submissions like log cabin windows Decade the Halls with brights and poinsettia themed fabrics, a quilted table runner, the fireman quilt, and a few other finishes before I was blogging through my flickr account.

Prizes from the 2014 Handmade Christmas Challenge

The pattern is from Cherry Blossoms quilting studio, found at I'm not one for wall hangings, but I do like the cute owl and I think it would make an excellent centre for a table topper or lap quilt. It might also join my slowly growing collection of cross-stitched Christmas/winter designs I'm planning to assemble into a generous lap quilt sometime in the future. So far, I've got a few snowman pieces, and a snow covered tree, so maybe a winter themed quilt. There are some quilted blocks I'd like to try too, I think the combination of hand-stitchery and quilting will make something totally for me, by me!

The second package had these 6 mini barn quilt ornaments, donated by Mark at  They are about 2 inches square, and I LOVE them!! Ever since I received the email notifying me of this win, I've been planning how to display them. So here's my plan: about two years ago, I picked up a mystery clearance bag from the local Micheals store. Inside there were 20 or so 3inch metal letter stencils. Luckily, the letters to spell Q-U-I-L-T were there, so I put them in a safe place. I want to make a quilted background and attach these metal stencils to it along with the barn quilts. I have no further inspiration than that. I'll likely use my crumb collection to make a scrappy background then keep adding bits until everything looks right. I'd like something that will fit on the door to my craft room - the door has two panels, and I'd like to replace the magnetic boards on the top panel with something more descriptive of what's in the room!

Isn't it fun to get presents? Now I'm wondering if I should check out my favourite stores to keep the "presents" coming!

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