ALYOF April 2015 Goal: Grand Illusion

For this month's A Lovely Year of Finishes (ALYOF) goal, I'm choosing the Bonnie Hunter mystery from this past winter, Grand Illusion.

I started this quilt when the clues came out, and was keeping up OK, week 1, week 4, week 5, and week 6 - but Christmas came and it got set aside...

GIMQ block subunitsGrand Illusion: getting the blocks assembled

I think I have enough subunits made up to begin sewing the top together - yay! I do have to find and cut some fabric for the cornerstones and narrow borders, but I'm waiting until I get the blocks together and laid out on the floor before making any decisions on those.

I do have 2 other quilts that need to be finished this month: a mystery project to be revealed on the 25th (so watch for that!) and a quilt that I'm making with my son's school that is to be raffled off on the 23rd (so that's a priority too!)

Wish me luck! Linking up with Shanna at Fibre of All Sorts with the April ALYOF Goal setting party.

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