July ALYOF Finish: Memory Quilt from baby clothes

After seeing the quilt that I made from donated clothing that we raffled off to raise money for my son's school, a friend asked if I could make her a quilt with her boys' baby clothes - of course!

cutting the fabric

I was kinda strapped for time, so I asked her if she would cut all the seams off the onesies and t-shirts. That saved me quite a bit of time, and she felt a bigger connection to helping make the quilt. Then I began fussy cutting all the squares for the front.

Quilt front: simple squares, randomly assembled

The quilt ended up a row bigger than I planned - I must've been happy cutting squares :) It has an 8x14 grid on the front. Each square was cut 6.5 inches to finish at 6 inches.

Quilt back: diagonal stripes

I knew I wanted the back to be striped, but until the day I started piecing, I wasn't sure if I would send them horizontally or on the diagonal. Most of the stripes are cut at 4 inches wide, but there were some 2.5 inch stripes as well. I used as much of the clothing I could, even saving some of the labels that you can kinda see in the lower right hand corner.

Despite measuring at least 6 times, I was short on the one side, so I trimmed the back even smaller and added the floral scroll fabric. Actually that fabric was gifted to me by this same friend, so it was good karma to use it here!

I had enough scrappy pieces of fabric to bind, but it just didn't look right, so I bound in the white fabric as well. It works well, and Ashley is Very Pleased with her quilt!

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