Using kids clothes to make a quilt

I think every parent has saved favourite items from their kids' closets - I know I have! In fact, ever since my son was an infant, I've intended to keep 2-3 items from each year and make a quilt for his high school graduation. And yes, I know he's only 6 years old now - I like to plan ahead :)

After I made the quilt we auctioned at my son's school, one of the parents asked if I could make her one from her kids' clothes. Of course I can!!

Preparing the t-shirt squares by adding interfacing to reduce the stretch factor

I asked her to cut all the seams off of the clothes to make the pieces easier for me to cut. It saved me probably 5 hours of time, and she felt more involved in the project - Win, win!

All the requirements for a cutting session: self-healing mat, ruler, rotary blade, TV remotes, coffee and fabric :)

I decided to make it a reversible quilt, with one side made of 6 inch squares, the other stripes of about 3 inches on the diagonal.

My goal for this month is to finish this quilt: I've got the two sides assembled, now I just need to baste and quilt! Since I know that Miss A is a reader, I won't show any photos until the big reveal....

I really hope she'll love it ;)

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