ALYOF June Goal: Neutral Log Cabin, Take 2

I like the look of low volume quilts on blogs all over web-land. My sister asked for a tan and cream quilt, and I had just received a copy of Judy Martin's Log Cabin Quilt Book. I didn't have any deadlines to meet, just two months' of late spring days so it seemed the stars had aligned. Or not.

Maybe it's the lack of colour.

Maybe it's the monotony of 1.5 inch logs sewn on my trusty Sissy (antique hand-crank).

Maybe it's the onset of seasonal allergies. Ugh, how many days until winter?

I do like the calmness of these blocks. There are no clashing colours, no wonky points, no war between fabric print and block design. Everything is: bland.

Neutral Log Cabin blocks - need one more round sewn on.

When I started this project, I was excited, but nervous. Usually I choose fabrics with bold prints or colours to play into a block design. This quilt is a challenge due to its lack of contrast. I wrote a post on how I tried to sort the fabrics into the light and dark sections - and I've tried hard to keep those guidelines in mind as I add each new log to the block.

Yeah, I've added a few blocks to the wrong side and had to rip them out - but only about 4 so far. I've completed the 4 centre blocks, the 4 corner blocks, and all 30 spiral blocks. And there's only one more round on these traditional log cabin blocks. I do have quite a lot of work on the piano key border, I've been randomly pairing strips to use as leader/enders through the block construction so soon I'll have to just run these through to catch up.

But it's hard. Maybe this is just one of those keep-on-plugging-away kind of quilts that when it's finished I'll look back and think "Wow! That is beautiful! (And I'll never do another one like it)".

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE this pattern. I'm following Judy's instructions and finding perfect fit on all my seams, and most blocks are very square. The original quilt was done in vibrant pinks which probably influences my reluctance on colour choice here...but I will finish. I pledge this will be a quilt top by month's end - or I'll roll it over to another month's goal :) Linking up with Shanna over at Fibre of All Sorts.

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