Pieceful Dreams

It is with great pleasure that I show you Pieceful Dreams!

Pieceful Dreams

I started this quilt back in April after my Mom gave me the best Easter gift ever - Judy Martin's Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilt Book. This is my first log cabin quilt. I'm totally going to make more!!

My sister and brother-in-law celebrated 15 years of marriage this summer, so I asked her what colours she would like in a quilt.

The neutral palate was difficult to work with at times because there was so little contrast between the dark and light fabrics, but it became easier to distinguish with some practice :)

I quilted the top with two different patterns. I stitched in the ditch around all the dark logs, and made large feathers over the lighter logs. All of the quilting was done on Janie, my Janome Horizon 8200 which has the perfect sized opening to easily quilt this queen sized bedcover.

I must confess that I didn't like this quilt while I was making it.

It wasn't until I was choosing a binding colour that I started to like the quilt. This rust colour added enough intensity to fool my eye into thinking the dark logs were darker than they are.

Now I kinda like the quilt. It's totally not in my colour comfort zone!

I'm so happy that it's done ;)

So do you think I'll win "Sister of the Year" for making this?

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