As you Wish: Princess Buttercup and Count Rugen

My favourite movie of all time is The Princess Bride, so when Fandom in Stitches honoured this fantastic movie by creating embroidered quotes and paper pieced blocks of the characters for the movie's 30th anniversary, I bookmarked the pattern!

Princess Buttercup and Count Rugen

These blocks each need some noses to be embroidered on, but I think they look great! Each block will finish at 8 inches, and I haven't measured or squared any up yet. Check out the first two blocks I made of Prince Humperdinck and Dread Pirate Roberts here.

Count Rugen - the evil 6 fingered man!

I like the idea of the small stripe fabric for the hair on this block, but it seems a bit pale next to the others. I might try a fabric painting technique to darken that yet...does anyone have any suggestions? I'll have to carefully consider fabric choices for the frames to compliment each block - sometimes when placed in context of other blocks and sashing, the colours change a lot.

Rugen was the fastest block to complete so far, in about 2.5 hours. There are lots of bigger fabric pieces, and most of the subunits have only 3 seams. Each eye however has 26 pieces!!! You can't see the thickness in the photo, but it was a nail biter for my machine to stitch through the last few seams - whew! Actually the machine didn't have any issues - it was all me worrying about needle breaks and pressure on the foot.

Princess Buttercup - the damsel in distress

Buttercup took a LONG time to assemble...6 hours...she isn't the most detailed or precisely joined block. The pattern intentionally doesn't have smooth lines or a tonne of specific points to meet, which works because who has perfectly coiffed hair?

I had a hard time keeping track of which yellow fabric was which when cutting the scraps and stitching everything together. And I had just barely enough blue fabric to finish the block - I had to sub-piece lots of sections with tiny scraps to make it work. I really like the paler blue in the sky,  I imagine it's the clouds behind her ;)

This block has great fabric memories for me. All of the blue background and dress are from the quilt I made for my Dad for Christmas 2 years ago, and the yellows are from my grandparents' 60th anniversary quilt.

I'm really excited about this quilt. Now I have to print off two more blocks and dig into the scrap bins :) What a great summer activity!

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