As You Wish: Inigo Montoya

My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

I so loved Mandy Patinkin in the role of Inigo Montoya in the move The Princess Bride. It's a very tough choice, but he is my favourite character and my son makes me Laugh.Out.Loud when he imitates that famous line!

I have finished another paper pieced character block for the As You Wish Quilt. You can see Westley and Humperdinck here, or Buttercup and Count Rugen here.

You killed my father... I love this character :D

It's been almost three months since I made the first character block, and I'm finding my sewing times are speeding up, and I'm redoing a seam more rarely - only once in this block - Woo-Hoo!!

I admit though that this block has the least detail and fewer pieces than others do. I really do need to mark and embroider the facial details on all the blocks, but this one especially needs the definition.

This should have been one of the first blocks I assembled since none of the points need to match and it uses larger pieces. Then again, I needed an easy finish for this busy month:)

Since I only assembled one block this month, I thought I'd show you a behind-the-scenes look at how my space looks while I'm paper piecing.

My sewing machines - all three of them - are in my bedroom. So of course when I'm in production mode, my bed becomes the staging ground for the blocks in progress.

I have 2 extra large glass canisters (a gallon or more) and one 13x18x4 plastic bin filled with odd-shaped scraps. I dump them onto the bed and if I'm going to make several blocks I'll quick sort by colour too.

Holy Scrap!

In this picture you can see that I'm pulling fabric for the Max and Valerie block. I cut rough rectangles/triangles for each section and safety pin all the pieces in the sewing order to the foundation papers.

It looks like a great mess - and it is - and I love it!

I used to feel quite anxious about exploding all these little bits all over the bed, pawing through them, then give up when I couldn't find the perfect fabric for the block.

Now I quickly look at which fabrics I have a lot of and use those as the main colour. Max wears a red-brown jacket in the movie and I only have chocolate brown? Big deal. My quilt, my fabric.

I also find that I want to use "Special Fabric" in most blocks. The ones with memories attached to them: leftovers from Grandma's quilt, a purchase from a new (to me) quilt shop, fabric Mom gave me...using little bits of fabric that means something to me lets me reconnect to the people in my life. They may not know that I'm thinking of them, but it makes me grateful and I feel happy adding bits of my family and friends to personalize my quilts.

One thing I've been doing while assembling the character blocks is making crumb blocks at the same time. I have an old bedsheet that I cut into rectangles of about 3x6 inches. I take two little scraps of fabric, and sew them to the centre, then keep adding bits crazy quilt-as-you-go style until the whole rectangle is covered in little pieces. Some of my crumb blocks have only 3 pieces, others over 30. It just depends on my mood and which scraps are at my elbow.

I'm planning to use crumb blocks for borders on the As You Wish quilt. I haven't decided if they can be used for sashing as well - we'll see how it looks when laid out with the embroidered blocks.

With only one week left in October, and 3 craft shows booked in November, I'm not sure if I'll get anymore paper piecing done. There are only 3 more characters to go :) Maybe I can get them done before the New Year? Wish me luck!

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