As You Wish: Miracle Max & Valerie, Vizzini

I am so pleased to share the final two paper-pieced blocks for my As You Wish quilt. This quilt pattern can be found on the Fandom in Stitches website, and was a tribute to one of the best movies of all time, which celebrated it's 25th anniversary in 2013. I have been planning this quit ever since the first block was released - and it brings me great joy to have finished the pieced blocks :D

Vizzini block, Miracle Max and Valerie block

These blocks were started before Christmas break, but I needed to trim each section to size before assembling the blocks. I previously finished my favourite character: Fezzik, my favourite swordsman: Inigo, my least favourite characters: Buttercup and Rugen, and the most humble: Westley and Humperdinck.

One of my favourite quotes: "I'm not a wench, I'm your wife"

This block will need some hand stitching to create the detail on faces and hands, but I'm happy it turned out so well. I was nervous with so many different colours in such a small space - and I managed to misplace one bit of fabric, but I'll figure a way to fix that later...

Miracle Max played by Billy Crystal isn't that memorable for me, but I really liked Carole Kane's character Valerie! I think she has the least screen time of all actors, but I loved the interplay between these two!

"Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling you something."

I hoped using the polka dot fabric for Vizzini's lips and glass would add some character, but the dots didn't land in quite the right spot (ha ha). A little embroidery will easily give me the look I wanted.

Wallace Shawn plays Vizzini perfectly - and I was so happy to see him later in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as the Grand Negis, but he was surprising to see as a lawyer on Gossip Girl...

For Christmas, my husband gave me a super awesome LED flashlight so I can turn any plastic lidded project box into a light box! I tested it out by tracing one of the more difficult quotes, which belongs to Inigo Montoya. I'm just over halfway through the backstitch and outline stitching, so hopefully I'll have a photo finish of an embroidered block soon :)

Let's keep this momentum going!

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