As You Wish: A Beginning

One of my favourite movies is The Princess Bride, so when this pattern was released two years ago, I wanted to make it....

I wasn't very good at my first few attempts at paper piecing, so I set it aside and hoped that as my proficiency with a sewing machine increased, so would my skills at piecing.

Prince Humperdinck has over 130 pieces in this 7 inch block!

I'm SO PLEASED with these blocks!! I really like the fabric in Prince Humperdinck's jacket - I've used it in three other quilts so there are still a few scraps of this snowflake material in my bins.

The Dread Pirate Roberts, in his most comfortable mask

I'm not as happy with the Roberts block - I didn't have quite a big enough piece for the neck, so I cheated the piecing line a bit...then I forgot to cheat it on the next that little black triangle is biting into his neck! I think I'll leave it though and see what I can do with some embroidery floss and quilting to draw the eye away from that mis-match. My son doesn't like the fabric for his skin, he keeps asking me why there are flowers on his face :)

I made the Roberts block first because it had fewer pieces, about 85, and it's been over a year since I did any paper piecing. It took 3 hours to assemble, and almost an hour to get all the scraps prepared for piecing!

There are eight character blocks in the series along with an embroidered quote by each character from the movie - so I expect this will be a very labour-intensive quilt, but I'm so excited to have started!!

This quilt pattern can be found here under the Princess Bride tab. This was designed by several contributors to the Fandom in Stitches site. Hopefully the next blocks go as smoothly as these first two!

Farm Boy, Fetch me that pitcher.

As you wish.

I've gotta go watch my DVD now!

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