Slow Quilting and a Giveaway!

It's been a year since I published my first post - so I think it's time to host my first giveaway :) Keep reading to find out how to enter...

the dresden appliques have been removed

It's been a long summer filled with family adventures - we just finished a six week, 10 000km road trip to the Rockies - so my current sewing project is less about sewing and more about unsewing!

This quilt was given to my by a cousin who wants me to fix it, so I packed my embroidery scissors and a seam ripper to get a start on the deconstruction. It took a while to get into the groove of unsewing...usually that's the part I rather hate about quilting because it's proof I made a mistake - but this was quite different.

I didn't make a mistake, I was fixing something. A small tweak to the point of view and suddenly unsewing became relaxing!

there are several wisps of quilting left to remove

I was surprised at how quickly this project came apart. I've spent about an hour per block pulling out the applique and quilting stitches on each of the 16 inch squares.

I haven't pulled out the quilting on the sashing yet - I'll tackle that next :)

As I removed the dresden blades, I sorted the tattered scraps from the less worn yellow pointed fabric. I intend to reuse the yellow on the new dresden design. The other scraps of fabric and thread will be added to my next stuffed cushion project!

memory quilt partial layout

While on vacation, I received two important emails. The first was from a customer who wants a memory quilt made from old clothes. This has a short deadline, so this is a quick shot of where I was yesterday.

The second email asked if I would be interested in a design challenge - of course I would! There are about 60 people participating in a block design hop the first week of September, so check us out!

Giveaway #1 - whoo hoo

With all this great news, I have to share the joy I have two patterns to pass along to One Lucky Winner. House Rules by Raggedy Stitches is a happy blend of patchwork, applique and embroidery to make this folksy wall hanging. Sunset Silhousette by Sunset Silhouette Designs has a majestic elk appliqued over a strip-pieced background. :) There are two entries for you to win, so good luck :D

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