Clownin' Around

My quilty friend Donna asked if I could quilt a baby quilt for her grandchild. She loves to piece quilt tops, but has a hard time quilting on her own machine. I quilted this purple quilt for her before Christmas which she loved, so I was happy to accept this bright clown themed quilt.

Clown themed baby quilt

This is a fun quilt to look at! The tumbling clowns, the bunches of balloons, the bright colours - it's a happy party for your eyes! I love the clowns peeking out of the triangles :)

Quilt block detail

The pattern was one of last year's projects for our local quilting group. I like how the simple subunits - HST and squares - create the wavy motion across the quilt.

Quilt back showing the multihued quilting thread

When I asked how she wanted this quilted, Donna said "Just get it done!"

I wanted the quilting to mimic the fun prints, so I decided on a loopy meander. Fortunately I had this Superior King Tut thread #921 Cleopatra that blends very well on both the front and back of the quilt. I have used this thread on 3 other quilts, so it's nearly time to buy a new cone - shopping time :)

I had to press and piece the fabric for the back, baste, quilt and square up the quilt = 2.5 hours of labour. Donna was pleased with both the overall look of the quilt, and the price quoted :D

If you have a project you'd like me to quilt, send me an email at and I'll be happy to work with you!

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