Fabri-Quilt Block Hop 2015: Magic Squares

Today is the final day of the Fabri-Quilt Block Hop, and it's extra special cause it's my day to post!!

This blog hop was organized by the same circle of creative gals as the New Blogger Blog Hop I participated in earlier this summer. Three cheers to Yvonne (Quilting Jetgirl), Cheryl (Meadow Mist Designs), Stephanie (Late Night Quilter) and Terri Ann (Childlike Fascination). I truly appreciate the efforts of all four mentors.

I hope you are having as much fun browsing the over 60 block tutorials as I am :) There is a link at the end to everyone on today's hop as well as our 4 leaders. Check them out - there are prizes to be won :D

Each participant in the block hop was given a fat eighth bundle of Watermelon Summer by Fabri-Quilt (they have a great blog at Inspired by Fabric)

So let's see what I made....Magic Squares!

Magic Squares


  • Tri-Recs ruler set
  • 6x26 ruler and cutting mat
  • rotary cutter
  • fat eighth bundle of Watermelon Summer by Fabri-Quilt

Cutting Instructions:

All strips are cut 2.5 inches wide by length of fabric.

You will need 1 strip each of: lapis blue and coral.

You will need 2 strips each of: chartreuse, white, turquoise and aqua.

With the aqua strips, cut out 16 centre triangles using the Tri-Recs ruler. The base line will be at the 2.5 inch mark.

Cut 16 centre triangles

Layer the coral and lapis blue fabrics so you can cut through two strips at one time. (I know lots of people use 4 layers, but my cutting is more precise with only 2 layers:)

Square off one end, and cut 8 left handed pair and 8 right handed pair.

Cut 8 left and 8 right triangles

This ruler has a notch on the narrow corner for a reason! It makes lining up your triangles much easier so clip those off!

Don't forget to cut the notched corner!

Assemble the Triangle units

Sew the right side lapis blus and coral wedges to the aqua triangles.

Since this is solid fabric, there is no "good side" or direction, so I just alternated the colours until I had sewn one side of the aqua triangles.

chain piece the triangle and wedges.

Press the wedge open, then sew the other colour on the second side.

You should have 16 aqua triangles, 8 with blue on the left, and 8 with blue on the right.

Press again, then clip the dog ears off to make a square shape.

clipping the dog ears

Sew each pair of triangle squares with the lapis blue sides together. Makes 8 pair.

Sew one pair to the second pair, making sure to line up the points of the blue/coral. When sewn together, this will make a blue diamond shape.

Press the subunit. I tried to press the bulky seams open, but as long as it lays mostly flat, it'll look great ;)

Assemble the 4-patches

Sew one length of turquoise to white.

Sew one length of chartreuse to white.

Sew one length of turquoise to chartreuse.

Press each strip away from the lighter fabric.

Cut each strip set into 2.5 inch widths. You will have lots more pairs than needed for the block ;)

Make 4-patches of chartreuse/white, turquoise/white and turquoise/chartreuse.

Lay the darker fabric toward you, and place the second pair on top with the darker fabric away from you. This will nest the seam and keep the 4-patch very square.

Press the unit. I pressed the last seam open, but it would be OK pressed to either side as well.

Assemble the subunits into the block.

Layout the subunits, taking care to line up the chartreuse from top left to bottom right corner. Also make sure the lapis blue diamonds are turned the correct way.

Sew the each row together, then assemble the block!

Magic Squares

I really liked the movement in this design, but I wanted to see how it would look in a calmer colour palate, so....

Magic Squares: blue and caramel - my new favourite colour combo :)

I'm planning to make this big enough to cover my dining room table - so about a twin size quilt!

Please visit all these other talented folks on today's hop, and jump over to visit those from earlier this week too! There are 2 drawings for this exact fabric bundle for each day's hop, and the draws close after one week. That's 8 chances to win - and you'll get some great tutorials and be amazed by creativity!

Monday, August 31st
Host – Yvonne of Quilting Jetgirl
Tuesday, September 1st
Host – Cheryl of Meadow Mist Designs

Wednesday, September 2nd
Host – Stephanie of Late Night Quilter
Thursday, September 3rd

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