Week 6, already?!?

I can hardly believe that it's been 6 weeks since the first clue was revealed on Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt, Grand Illusion.

OK, so it does seem that I've spent quite a few days at the cutting table (aka the living room desk).

And I did get 3 full hours of piecing triangles one morning during the Christmas Break...

But the final clue has already been revealed? Wow...I have only completed clue 3 so far!

all of the pieces I have for the Grand Illusion quilt

Wait, I'm finished TWO clues! Just now as I look at this picture, I can see the four-patch units in the centre. Those were for Clue 5 - I really hope there are 25 of those yellow/orange ones cause I don't have any more orange....

The 4x2 checkerboard units in black/white/green are clue 3. Those were easy to sew in strip sets, but seemed to take forever to cut into these subsections because I was trying to have 8 unique fabrics in each checkerboard. And I didn't want 2 checkerboards to be identical either. So I kept moving fabric around until I mostly satisfied my inner control-freak that kept saying "I want a scrappy quilt!"

Will anyone really notice it I used the same fabrics more than once in a checkerboard? not likely, and if they do....well, they may find themselves removed from my short list of quilt recipients :)

This photo shows all the subunits that make up clues 1,2, and 4. I'm not entirely sure that I have enough pieces cut yet, but I think I'm close...

I'm very pleased that my half-square triangles actually came out quite square. I haven't bothered to trim any of them cause I think they're great as they are. Just look at the bottom right corner to see the brown/yellow triangles with the black square - the yellow meets the black almost exactly 1/4 inch from the edge. OK, so I didn't measure it, but it looks close!

Same for the orange square with the brown/yellow triangles. I'd bet $5 that point will be at 1/4 inch.

That makes me so proud! I've been quilting seriously for about 2 years, and like everyone, my first quilts were constructed with care, but I'd lose the points of triangles when I sewed subunits into blocks. Even last year's mystery, Celtic Solstice, has LOTS of blunted points and not sew straight long seams. I don't think I've got this down perfectly yet - just look at the pair on the top left - but I'm progressing in the right direction!

clue 4 units

I really like the brown/white/black diagonal subunits. I can't wait to see how they look in the block!

I need to iron this pile of clue 4 units. I think this is only half the units, the second half had a different arrangement of triangles. They are still beside the sewing machine, awaiting my earliest convenience...

Unlike when I assembled the checkerboard units, none of the clue 1 or 4 units are being laid out before sewing. I just have two stacks: one of the orange square with HST, the other black with HST. I only shift the top couple of units if the yellow is the same. This makes the assembly process MUCH faster!

I don't pin seams until I'm assembling the subunits into blocks - so I haven't opened the pin box yet for this project. Maybe because my subunits are so well sewn I won't have to pin later either! I'll just perfectly nest each subunit together and sew away - yes, I have a reputation for exaggeration! And confidence.

You can bet my family will make sure my head doesn't get too big!

I'm setting this quilt as my January goal with Shanna (A Fibre of All Sorts)  in the A Lovely Year of Finishes linkup. It will be one of my projects for the 2015 Finish Along. Also linking up with Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville with my Grand Illusion progress. Check out what everyone's up to!

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