2 Projects from Last Year

At the end of last year I became quite busy with projects that had pre-Christmas deadlines, and now that I've spent some time organizing my digital photos, I have two projects to share today.

The first quilt is a baby quilt made from a flannel panel and the cutest monsters in flannel as backing. The fabrics were given to me by Claire who asked me to "Get it done!" because she had a grand-daughter expecting soon!

Claire's Giraffe Quilt, made from a flannel panel

I wanted to have a jungle feel to the orange background, so a simple climbing vine filled those areas nicely.

I love the cartoony giraffes and really wanted them to stand out, so I outlined each figure and pebble stitched over the spots on their backs.

Baby Giraffe inspecting a butterfly
the butterfly block, each butterfly is roughly outlined
the back of the quilt - you can see the giraffes and butterflies quite clearly!

Shortly after I delivered this quilt to Claire, I was at a craft show and met her expectant grand-daughter! She had been talking to me for a few minutes, then came rushing back after Claire told her I was the one who made the quilt. It was really awesome to hear from a grateful quilt recipient :)

Freadom - a small wall hanging for my local public library. Thanks Debbie for posing in the photo :)

Several years ago, I found this paper-pieced pattern designed by Soma Acharya of www.WhimsandFancies.com She designed it as a Fourth of July celebration, citing her grandmother's belief that reading and knowledge buys you freedom. I love the idea, and my local public library has become like a home for me, so I needed to help decorate it!

I am a school bus driver, so it seemed natural to take some pictures of the quilt with the bus. I tried some near the school zone signs too, but the scale was awkward. Sorry for the sideways photo, my photo viewer software must automatically orient the pictures...technology is such a blessing, and a pain!

fREADom. I love the play on words

I gifted this wall hanging to the library during our December Book Club meeting. This sparked some debate about where to display it, but I think it has found a home near the main entrance. I wish I had put some book titles on the spines, but I didn't because there are so many great titles to choose from and I didn't want to impose my favourite book picks on someone else. Since the library is the place to explore freely, I like that everyone can imagine their favourite titles on the quilt.

I wish I had taken a picture of the back and binding fabric, but it is from a line Connecting Threads had about 2015 called Bookish. It has spiraling towers of books in a Dr.Seuss meets MC Escher tribute. I have a small bit leftover and it is in my applique scrap bin, so it may have a spot in another bookcase quilt in the future!

I do hope to stay more up-to-date with showing you this year's projects. I have several ready in the wings, so please check back soon!

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