Grand Illusion - Part 1

As a quilter in the digital age, I am a Bonnie Hunter fan! Her designs, often based on simple base units like rectangles, squares, half square triangles (HST) and quarter square triangle (QST) are a scrap lovers dream!

Celtic Solstice, in centre, was last year's mystery

And, just like last year, I'm changing some of my colours up from what Bonnie suggests. Last year, the pinks were supposed to be orange, and I used light green in place of yellow. I must've done an OK job, because the quilt was entered into my local fair, and placed first in the machine pieced and quilted category!

Anyway, as I said, I'm changing up a few of Bonnie's colours, all based on photos she took of the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island, Michigan.:

  • yellow = orange
  • green = green
  • turquoise = yellow
  • pink = brown
  • black and neutrals;

I'm making this quilt twice, once in full/queen size for our trailer, and again in a twin size for my nephew. I'll be doing both quilts in the same colourway, as shown above. I think the woodsy palate will be appropriate for both.

Today is the first progress report on the quilt. I must confess, I did look at the directions on Friday morning after I got home from the bus run. I made a note in my quilting journal - then set it aside. All weekend I was thinking about what colours I could use, knowing I didn't want the pink and turquoise.

This morning, I pulled these fabrics - then I stopped. Work calls again. Perhaps I'll get a chance to start cutting later tonight...Wish me luck!

Will any of you be participating in the Grand Illusion?

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