A T-shirt Quilt for me!

After making several t-shirt quilts for other people, I needed one to take with me at local shows...introducing my t-shirt quilt!

My t-shirt quilt

I've been collecting clothes for a memory quilt for my son, but I'm planning to use some clothes from each size from newborn until he graduates high school...which since he's 7 will be...next week, right? ;)

This old dirt bike makes a great quilt rack!

I saw an ad on Facebook probably two months ago of someone who had a bag of clothes that needed a new home. I answered the ad and had tonnes of stuff for my quilting cupboard! I gave my husband some of the shirts that didn't have logos (he's rather advertising averse) and the rest of the t-shirts were used in this quilt.

I kept aside lots more from this clothes collection too. There are several pair of jeans that are in my denim pile, and 6 or 7 sweat shirts that I'm saving for a denim/fleece rag quilt. I hope to get started on that one soon.

some of the t-shirt blocks

When I was cutting the t-shirts, I wasn't concerned with the dimensions, I was only making sure I could see the whole picture or logo. After I had all the pieces secured with fusible interfacing, I trimmed them down to a multiple of 3 inches size (9, 12, 15, 18).

front of the t-shirt quilt

I made a fast layout on the living room floor and had the top sewn together and squared up in 1.5 hours. What a fast quilt top! The back was a longer story....

T-shirt quilt, qayg style with striped back

The back is made entirely of 3 inch strips. After pin basting the front to the batting, I used a water soluble Crayola marker to make diagonal lines on the batting. The lines were spaced every 6.5 inches (the width of my long ruler) and these were excellent in keeping my rows straight.

It took quite a long time to sew each row on, mostly because I was pinning each one down and removing the basting pins as I went. I did miss a few basting pins - before adding the binding I found three which I carefully removed, and I found one more while sewing the binding down - which was tougher to remove and I had to undo some stitching to get. I think next time I will spray baste the top and batting to avoid this hassle.

a quilt can even make tires look good

I'm so happy to have a sample quilt to bring along to show people exactly how I can bring their old clothes back to life in a comfy quilt!

Have you made a t-shirt quilt? It isn't as difficult as it seems, and the cozy texture is awesome :)

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