Origami Applique

Sometimes you need to try a new technique to remember how much you really don't know about sewing! I've been quilting along with Alida and her star quilt which has a different quilting technique each month as well as a textured sewing technique. This month the quilting technique was fabric origami. If you think paper origami is awkward and confusing - it's tougher with fabric!!

My first try at fabric origami

I think I did OK at this technique, but it wasn't as straight forward as I had hoped ;) I worked at the ironing board so I could press every couple of steps, but sometimes pressing erased a previous foldline I would later need...arghhh! The second star was the darker navy one and I sprayed some starch on it and used my fingernails to press the seams I knew I'd be needing later. It turned out much crisper and neater, although somehow the one arm has fabric from the backside showing.

My fabric origami blocks - I love them both :)

I don't like the centres of the stars, so I think a button will be sewn on before I pack them into the plastic bin. For this quilt along, I am being ambitious and making it in 2 colourways, the red/blue/tan and blue/pink. One has a very relaxed,country feel and the other a vibrant youthful exuberance! After the first 3 months of blocks, I am thinking of adding some glitter and bling to these blocks. I have a tonne of beads, buttons and glittery rick racks which should finish the blocks nicely. Hopefully I'll have a block or two embellished for you next month to show!

Two of my friends at quilt group are also working on this quilt. Donna is a tad behind because she's hand stitching details on her blocks, but Mary is flying through these!

Mary's folded star, not yet appliqued in place

I really like how Mary didn't pull her folds as tightly as mine so she has a pentagon in the centre. I apologize for not taking the finish picture, but I forgot she hadn't finished it the first week - it took me until the third week of March to start and by that time she already had both folded techniques finished!!

The second folded technique was for a 6-pointed star. It was quite different as each point was a rectangle that was through the magic of origami layered onto each other. I have my rectangles sewn together, but haven't finished turning them yet so I can't tell you how easy they are to make...however Mary got hers finished and the outer edges stitched here

Mary's 6-pointed origami star

The textured technique looks pretty easy, and I helped Mary to make her first block, but forgot to take pictures and haven't made my own set yet. It's been a busy month with March Break, Easter and several orders to fill! I love being so busy - it's my husband who wishes I had more time to clean the house or cook nicer dinners :p

I did manage to get another applique block finished this week, and in time to get the next pattern for free! These ones are by Marian at Seams to  be Sew. Last year she started blocks for each province in Canada and US state which is flowing into this year. I pick up some of the states that are useful for bags, but mostly focus on the Canadian ones. Today I have New Brunswick Sam in his sea-faring kayak!

Sam in New Brunswick, makes me wish summer has here already!

I have high hopes to get all my blocks up to date this long weekend, so fingers crossed I'll have a new update for you soon!

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