Mary's Triangle and Baby quilts

Recently I began machine quilting for some quilty friends who just don't enjoy the quilting process. Well, they love hand quilting, but can only finish one quilt in a year, and with so many of them becoming grandparents (or great grandparents!) I am helping them to check some of those WIPs off their list.

Since March, Mary has given me SEVEN quilts to finish, and she told me this week she has at least 3 more waiting at home. I have quilted 3 so far, and she'd like one every second week until I'm finished the stack. She's a great customer who gives me lots of freedom to design on each quilt and gives me a general price guideline so I know how detailed to get with my stitching.

Mary's 3D-Triangles

I love this quilt. I haven't seen this design or technique before either! Each of those triangles are 3D like a prairie point, but I think I figured the technique out. I really need to try out my ideas....or ask her for the pattern reference!

a closer look at those triangles

Here you can tell the edges of each triangle are free. Originally I wanted to do an orange peel design around the edges, but that proved very difficult to execute on my domestic machine - I think it would work on a longarm though because the quilt is held tight so those pesky tucks aren't as common.

Instead, I quilted these tri-leaf motifs on each triangle. There are over 300 triangles on the quilt. And over 1200 threads to bury after I finished the machine quilting.

Mary's 3D Triangle Quilt back, quilting detail

Here you can see the border, the background stipple filler and a few of the centre diamond pieces. The back of the quilt is really quite beautiful too, so this might be a reversible quilt for some lucky recipient!

Mary's triangle baby quilt, next to my son's house

This simple baby quilt was quick to finish, and looks great beside my son's house :) The fabrics are very cute with castles, animals and other playful designs.

You can't notice until you try to fold this quilt, but one of those HST squares was trimmed one inch smaller than all the rest. It made me nervous as I was squaring the quilt top, especially with the striped border. It's amazing how our eyes and brain fill in the gaps so all we see is perfection :)

a closer look at the fabrics and quilting

I like the loose meandering lines with stars every 6 inches or so. I used a multi-hued thread by YLI called Sticks and Stones that is brown-cream-grey but blends so well with these pinks , purples and yellow. I have at least 6 different pink/purple threads but they just didn't work on the quilt. Sometimes I find a totally different colour compliments the existing fabric tones, as is the case here.

Love the fabrics on this quilt

I am very fortunate to belong to a quilting group that meets weekly and these women are willing for me try new quilting designs on their quilts. I think I've finished 10 quilts for the group so far, and everyone has a list of WIPs they want to pass along :) Life is great!

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