Travel Mug Cozies!

For the first time in a while, I have a finish to tell you about! Actually, I've made a whole pile of these mug cozies....89 to be exact over the past 3 weeks!

Quilted and sewn mug cozies

My mug cozy relationship started four years ago when I received an early Christmas gift from my husband: my Janie. A Janome 8200 with custom sewing table. That was a great day :D

57 mug cozies - and some of my button collection!

I have been using a template from to cut all the fabric and batting pieces for the cozies.

novelty fabrics

Some of my cutest novelty fabric scraps have found homes in these cozies....

pieced cozies

I use smaller strips, selvedges and other fabric bits for some of the pieced cozies.

I like to make strips of about 4.5 inches wide by as long as my scrap pile will make in each colour family, then I trace the template and cut out the shapes. I've kept all the off-cuts from that and intend to use them in more strip sets. (I also make lots of crumb blocks that these may find a home in too!)

cozies on mugs

I find that this cozy size is perfect for the large/extra large take-put cups, as well as my favourite ceramic mug at home :)

But I needed a narrower cozy for the medium take-out cups.

men's tie versus quilted cozy

I've had a small collection of men's ties that I keep wanting to make something from, but just haven't yet. They are already several layers thick, and half the width of my quilted ones, so I tried one out.

What a perfect fit! And it takes much less time to assemble. Just turn under one end, attach an elastic and sew on a button.

Men's tie mug cozies

I'm so pleased with the tie idea. Hopefully they add a bit of interest :)

It was also exciting to be adding my custom tags onto most of these cozies. I think it makes them look finished.

Cute as a button :)

So as we enter the last third of the month, I have my first official finish! I'm so happy to have one goal from my quarter complete :)

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