Q4 Quilty Goals for 2015

This year, I have been doing rather poorly at achieving my quilting goals. If this list looks familiar, it's because all of these have been on the finish list for 2 quarters now!

So here's a recap of how I did for my third quarter goals, and which ones I hope to finish over the next three months.

Ashley's Quilt Done :)

I'm calling this Ashley's quilt for now - because my friend Ashley asked me to make it - but that name is kinda dull....The quilt idea however, is not! I took two bags of her boys' baby clothes, and chopped them into either 6.5 inch squares or 3 inch strips. One side of this quilt is the squares in a 14x9 grid. The other side is the 3 inch strips on a diagonal. This needs to be finished mid-July, so it's an easy first finish for the quarter!

Neutral Log Cabin

This quilt is for my sister and brother-in-law, who will celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary in August. I don't know if it will be finished by then, or if I'll be heading back home to deliver it - but I do want to finish this soon so I can definitely deliver it at Christmas!

I didn't come close to finishing this quilt before our summer vacation. The top has been together since June, then got set aside until September. I've added 3 more borders to the flimsy in the photo above, and today the quilting is almost finished, only 2 sides to quilt on the last border WoooHooo!!

Maybe I can get the binding ready for a Thanksgiving weekend hand sewing and movie marathon?

As You Wish Quilt

I started this quilt only 2 weeks ago after visiting friends who told me their daughter loves this movie. I've had this pattern on my radar for two years and I keep showing it to my family, but needed a kick to get started. I have 2 character blocks done, one more half done, and another is ready to sew. I really can't wait to get this on my bed!

It seems that this quilt has been forgotten. I did finish the 2 character blocks I had started in May, but haven't even printed the foundations for the next ones. Here's the link to see the second installment of Count Rugen and Buttercup. I really loved the book and the movie, and I don't have a quilt on my bed right now, so you'd think this would rank higher in my finish list!

Row by Row

Last summer I collected several patterns for the Row by Row Experience, but only sewed one. This summer I intend to collect more patterns as I am exposed to quilt shops. (I know, it's such hardship!) I really need a few more quilts for the trailer - so this is a great way to try new techniques and create a memory quilt of my journeys the past 2 years.

I did visit a lot of shops while on vacation this summer, and my family picked up some kits for me while they were traveling too :) I've got one row cut out and the appliques are prepared, so maybe with a day or two on the machine I'll have one row done!

Since this quarter ends at Christmas, I'm going to add a few projects that are supposed to be gifts!

  • Dillon's Quilt I joined a local quilting group, and our first project this fall is a quilt made from 2.5" strips. I work on this at the group, so I don't have the pattern name here, but it's by Melissa Corry. Shouldn't be a problem to get it finished!
  • Muskoka Quilt There was a shop hop near here the last week of September, and several of my quilting friends went shopping. I had to work, but my cash made the rounds of 6 quilt shops in "cottage country" Ontario. The blocks are a mix of pieced and applique. I've got all the blocks cut out and the appliques are prepared. Now I just have to sew them together - and keep the design a secret!
  • Quilted mug cozies I made some of these 3 years ago, and several people have asked about them, so I want to gift some this Christmas. Now to use up some scraps and take this project from a good intention to a finish!

I think this might be a rather ambitious list to finish, but that's why we set goals right? Where's the fun if the tasks were easy to accomplish?

I hope you challenge yourself to finish a project or two and join us at the linky party On the Windy Side!

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