Q4 Goal Progress for 2014

There are a few rules for these goals:

  1. the goal must be a work in progress, not just a plan to start and finish something
  2. you have to link up a goal list at the beginning of the quarter
  3. you have to link up each finish at the end of the quarter. Each finish gives you one ballot into the prize drawing.

So I looked at my pile of project boxes on the floor and thought "Which ones am I going to work on in the next four months?" Or more accurately "Which ones did I want to finish as Christmas gifts?"

In no particular order, here are my goals!

Christmas table runnerChristmas table runner - needs border, back and quilting

I finished this table runner in November. Wrapped and mailed in lots of time for Christmas delivery, Yay!

string bags goalstring bags - need binding and handles

I finished these bags in October - and wrote a tutorial on how I did them too!! All four bags are done - and Bonus - two other slab style market bags were also finished.

fire quilt cornerFire quilt - needs backing and quilting - kid REALLY wants this!!

My son really wanted me to make him a quilt - and this fire themed quilt has been languishing as a flimsy for over a year and a half. It was time to get it finished!! I custom free motion quilted fire hydrants randomly over the quilt with a loose wavy line I hoped would look like a fire hose, but it looks like ripply water instead.

block bagsBlock Bags - needs quilting, sides, binding and handles

No progress. This one slipped through my fingers as I was starting and finishing gifts for Christmas.

cabin pillow goalLog cabin pillowcase - needs borders, back and cuff

Finished! This pillowcase project had been sitting on the table for a few months waiting for me to finally assemble it. As soon as it was sewn together, it was packaged up and mailed for a special Christmas gift - Yay!

red/white/black blocksRed/White/Black blocks - this collection of BOMs and shop hop blocks (more in a box!) can become a quilt!

This project was a long shot at making progress, and I don't think I've even moved the plastic box it's in! I have a few more blocks in the red/white scheme that I found, so maybe I'll have an inspirational setting plan as I work on those.

So I think I did a pretty good job on these goals. Actually the list looks kinda big when it's all written down, doesn't it :) Let's hope I can do as well over the next few months! Thanks for reading along and keeping me on track!

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