Sunbonnet Sam & Sue Around the World

I have been following this BOM quilt along with Marion at Seams to be Sew since the first pattern release in January. In honour of the Olympic games this summer, she has created applique designs for many countries based on their traditional costumes. Every two weeks, a new pattern is released and is available for free until the next release date. You can also purchase all the patterns at Craftsy.

There are also bonus patterns you can earn or buy when you post finished blocks on Flickr. Each month, two countries are released: one is free, the other a bonus. I have all of the free blocks so far, and I have about half of the bonus blocks, I have to post these ones for more bonuses :)

Sue and Sam in America

First up are May's releases. I really like the cheeky Sue pose! The other country in June is Canada and I'm excited to download that block because that's my native land!

Sue and Sam in Ireland

April's release was Ireland. I had a hard time choosing fabrics for Sam's block. I still am not entirely happy with the block, but it will look better after I add the topstitching and embroidery details.

The bonus block in April was England, it has a cute phone booth in the background.

Sam and Sue in Germany

These cuties are June's block from Germany. I am making some blocks in 12 inch squares and others in 9 inch squares. This wasn't intentional - I printed one of the country patterns in 9 inch by accident, so now I'm making more of them. I will come up with a layout soon so I know how many of each size I need to make ;)

Germany's bonus country was Arabia - it is interesting because Sue's face is turned upward, but still covered. All the other blocks released have the faces downward. It's an interesting juxtaposition.

Sam in Africa

The last block for this series I got heat bonded this week is Sam in Africa. I previously showed Sue here, with some other finished blocks. I like the background material on this block - it's an old window curtain that I just became attached to. It was in a scrapbag someone gave me around Christmas time, and I initially was going to toss it because it's a sheer fabric, but I love the design. I used it on 2 other blocks in this quilt , but that's the end of that piece.

Canadian Mystery Quilt - Yukon

The last block I have to show today is from a BOM kit program that I am excited about. Cantik batik supplied the fabric for this 13 block program. About every 6 weeks a new kit is released and each represents a province or territory in Canada. I have heat bonded each block as the kit comes in, so I'm happy with my stick-to-itness on this project :)

I like to keep track of the time I spend on each project, mostly to justify not making or giving my stuff away to people who won't appreciate them. I find that when I have made something I really am proud of, and someone says "Oh that's pretty, what would that cost?" when I have an idea of the hours involved I can give a better price point and explain the labour factor. So many people don't realize how long handmade takes. Most of these block already have 1.5 hours invested, and they don't have any stitching yet!

I really enjoy working on these long term projects, how about you?

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