Starry Night QAL - April Progress

This month our little quilting group made great progress on the Starry Night QAL with Alida! I was the last one to get my blocks finished - this morning, but the others had their blocks done by last Monday - yay!!

Mary's large wonky star

Mary was the first of us to finish her blocks, and she finished after I left the first week, so I didn't get a picture of her blocks! She had a hard time with the wonky blocks - she likes more rules in her quilting but I think they'll look great in the quilt!

Mary's pintuck blocks

Here are Mary's pintuck blocks, she didn't like the pressing of this but the finished block is pretty :)

Donna's pinwheel blocks

I really like Donna's pinwheels!

Donna's small wonky stars

These little cuties are sure to brighten the quilt!

Donna's blocks Jan to April - I didn't get her last block in this collection!
Donna's pintuck blocks

I love the pale grey floral on the pintuck!

Denise's origami blocks

I got the second MArch block done this month, but I didn't sew down the pink one because I want to add some beads in the centre and I think it'll be easier to do that on the motif rather than the block...

Denise's small wonky blocks

I'm making this quilt in 2 colourways, but somehow when I was cutting, I cut two small wonky for one quilt and two large wonky for the second quilt, instead of one for each quilt....that's what I get for too much multi-tasking :P

Denise's large wonky stars

I really liked using up the tiny scraps for these blocks. In fact, I have several more (like 7 or 8) pieces for more wonky pieced background fabric. It does make the wonky star kinda hard to see, but I think when I sash this quilt in a bold solid it will snap the stars out!

Denise's ruffle block and small wonky star

OK, so I found one of the small wonky stars for the blue/pink scrappy quilt, I just have to make a large wonky star for this quilt now :)

All three of us quilting girls are having fun with this quilt along! We're learning some new piecing techniques - none of us loved the origami, but I do really like the teture of it and I'll use the extra thick ones above in a throw pillow to accompany these quilts. I am especially enjoying the textured block challenges each month. I have cut and begun sewing my pintuck blocks, but haven't made the actual tucks yet - otherwise I'm up to date on those too - yay! 

March and April were crazy busy quilting months for me, and May doesn't look any slower! Hang on and hope to talk to you soon about my adventures under the needle :)

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