Starry Night QAL: Fabric Weaving

I really enjoy the quilting techniques I am using during the Starry Night QAL. So far, we've had Curved piecing, origami, snowflake applique, wonky stars, pieced stars and applique! This month's block didn't even require a sewing machine :O

Chillin' at the campsite and quilting!

I had a hard time with the instructions for this block, they were too vague and the accompanying photo tutorial didn't have the detail I needed for the technique to click...So I searched on YouTube. Mr.Domestic has a great set of videos on how to fabric weave.

The tumbling block design is the easiest to complete. Unfortunately it was the second block instruction! I need to remember to read ALL the pages before beginning LOL!

Woven stars close-up. I like the fushia rings around the stars!

The difficulty in fabric weaving is two-fold: you can do over 1, under 2 OR over 2 under 1. Simple, right? Either way will work, but the design evolves from colour placement, so it's tough to see until the third layer which stuff has to go where.

Woven stars block. Glad it's finished :)

I seem to have only taken photos of the bright quilt that I'm making! I swear I made the blue/red/beige set too ;) I haven't tried to trim these to size yet, but I should soon so I can remove the straight pins that keep poking me when I move them!

This month, only Mary tried weaving. She and I were working together early in July, before I had any success. Needless to say, her first block is still on the stretcher bars!

I didn't have a chance to try July's textured block. It was called Star Gathering. I did discuss it with the girls, and Donna had her first block about halfway done this week...I hope to get some photos of her work soon!

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