Sunday Stash 17 Aug 2014

My inaugural stash report is here! I have been collecting fabric for years, and I inherited some cool stuff from some friends and family - yay!

July's additions

In July, I was visiting family and along the way stopped at several shops on the Row by Row Experience.

I bought something at each shop, and tried really hard to stay within my preset budget - but didn't quite make it ;) There is an assortment of fat quarters, half and full yard cuts, a new tool, and a spool of YLI hand quilting thread.

July Shop HopJuly Shop Hop kits - red and white themed!

It turned out that some of the shops I intended to stop at were also involved in a smaller 15 store hop within Southern Ontario called the July Shop Hop. That hop was really cool in that by visiting each shop you received a free block kit. Each store had a display of the sampler quilt they made from each shops' blocks - some were on point, others straight, some with cornerstones, others without....I only went to 5 shops, but I had enough extra fabric by adding 2 fqs of my own to cut 9 blocks! Hopefully I'll have some progress to show on those soon!

July fqsFat quarter stash enhancement

In all, I had a great time, and some of these fabrics have already been cut into! Hopefully my stash will be slowly decreasing with time! Beginning next time I hope to show some going out - but I think there may be another fabric order on the horizon too.....

Current yardage: 593yd

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