Choices, choices, choices!

My cousin was given an old damaged quilt and asked me if I could "fix" it.

Dresden quilt, worn to shreds

The background and sashing fabrics are in very good condition...the scrappy blades however are almost all worn through.

Someone took a long time to make this quilt. The Dresdens were pieced on a machine, then hand appliqued to the white squares. There was a lot of hand quilting: cross-hatching on the squares, ditch quilting on the dresdens, and kind of an eye motif on the sashing. The edges are rather poorly done - many of the prairie points are falling out of the seam, and someone has roughly topstitched some back down.

What a much loved quilt!

This has been a much loved quilt,so when I saw a category in my local fair for an aged quilt "Quilted with Love" I entered this one - and got second place for the unique block design.

Since the bones are in such good condition, I think it's well worth the effort to replace the damaged blade sections. My cousin told me she's not fond of the yellow - so that's a big challenge!

What can I do to tone down all that yellow?

Use lots of bright batiks!
Or bold fabrics..
Neutrals like the original...
I like this blue and brown.
This is pretty good too!
The red is bold and contrasts nicely
My cousin loves black/white quilts
Maybe blues?
Seaglass looks pretty relaxing
Just a hint of blue

So now I've got too many options! I can see all of these combinations making a gorgeous quilt!!! But my top three choices for my cousin would be:

  1. blue, green, brown combination. The natural colours really tone down the yellow
  2. red/brown. I always think red/yellow is Ronald McDonald - but these shades are flattering to each other.
  3. black/white/blue. The blue adds just enough to reduce the high contrast between the black/white/yellow

What are your top choices? Do you have any other suggestions?

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