Small Steps

I just celebrated my 41st birthday this week. Thank you for all your well wishes - and I'll be looking for my gifts in the mail ;)

But seriously, I need to make some changes to my lifestyle in order to ensure good health for my next 40 years. I've been over 200 pounds since high school - that's over 20 years! Now, I'm not saying I'm too big, just that I could stand to lose some of this weight to make my joints last longer, my fitness levels higher and my breathing/allergy issues lessened.

This summer while on that 6 week road trip, I lost 20 pounds. That's right, 20 pounds. In the last 3.5 weeks, I've managed to lose another 5. I am now within single digits of being under 200 for the first time in over 2 decades!!

I call that a major accomplishment! (and Walkin Dude says he'll buy me whatever outfit I want when I reach that 200 mark :)

20 pounds lost in 2 months!

And I did that while eating whatever I wanted and drinking 2 alcoholic beverages each evening.

I still can't believe it. But the scales don't lie.

All I had to do was walk. OK, so I walked a LOT this summer. Most days in the 12km range which is over 15000 steps. And I drank water - a LOT of water.

By making one small change - drinking water from breakfast until after supper - I cut out a lot of calories. I used to drink a soda, maybe a hot chocolate or flavoured coffee, juice, milk - in short anything I craved. I decided if I can eliminate the sugary drinks every day - but still have access to any food I want, I'll be reducing calories.

Walk the Walk

We got new cell phones this summer, and mine came with an app called S Health. It has features to track your calorie intake, your exercise levels, pedometer, heart rate, sleeping habits - all the things those FitBits do...I don't care about any of the features but one: the pedometer. I've found that by walking at least 8000 steps every two days, I'm losing weight at about 2 pounds a week.

So today, I wanted to know how long it takes me to walk those 8000 steps if I do it all at once.

Today's random Playlist

I downloaded some music onto the phone this morning, then tied up my shoes and grabbed the dog's leash. Here are 10 songs that played:

  • Raise Your Hands - Bon Jovi
  • Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics
  • She Sells Sanctuary - the Cult
  • Separate Ways - Journey
  • One Vision - Queen
  • Dancin Queen (remix) - Abba
  • Please Don't Leave me - Pink
  • Every Breath You Take - the Police
  • An Apple a Day - Aqua
  • Barbra Ann - the Beach Boys

I'll admit, when Abba came on, I was happy cause I thought it would be a fun song to walk to - but I forgot that this dance remix is WAY FAST! Like I can barely move my feet that fast fast. The poor dog was jogging beside me, and he's Not a jogger. But I made it through the song, and was so relieved to hear Pink and the lower tempo song.

So, I walked for 58 minutes, did 6.84 km, and 8398 steps. I'm proud of myself :D

And I'm super excited for the fish and chips that Walkin' Dude is making for supper.....

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