Wolf Quilt by a local Elementary School

I enjoy teaching others how to make things, and over the past few years I have been teaching local elementary students how to quilt.

School quilt 2014-15, rail fence design

The rail fence quilt was the first quilt we made as a fundraising effort. All of the fabric was donated by families of students at the school, and I had each student sew the blocks in a quilt-as-you-go fashion. It was a fantastic experience, and over $350 was added to the school's account to replace a failing sound system in the gym.

The first year of quilting with this school, we made a quilt for each class which has been on display in the long hallway leading to the gym. Each student and staff member drew onto a square of fabric which was then treated with hydrogen peroxide to run the colours in a tie-dyed effect. With the help of another parent, I assembled the quilts over the spring break. I returned to the school for round 2 of the quilt project where each student had the opportunity to stitch the layers together or to tie with embroidery floss.

2013-14 school quilts, tie-dyed effect

This year the school was gifted some wolf themed fabric, including 2 panels. I wasn't sure which panel to use first (and I procrastinated the planning stage), so I decided to have each student make a half-square triangle block then I could determine a layout. I always had flying geese in mind, but I wasn't sure how it would fit around the central panel.

2016-17 School quilt made from a panel and HSTs

There was lots of great reasons to use HSTs, and some rather poor ones too...firstly the seam was about 5 inches which is big enough fabric pieces for everyone to hold, yet not so big that the sewing takes too long. Most students could stay close to the pre-drawn stitching line with coaching. The difficulties included starting the seam with those pesky points that like to be eaten by the feed dogs, and how to deal with not-so-straight seams that made rather wonky triangle squares.

I was trying to baste this quilt at my local quilting group last week, the keyword trying! I thought since it was a smallish quilt and that I had a single piece of fabric for the backing that I could just lay it on the tables and start basting. Needless to say I was chit-chatting while basting as well...and while I managed to get the top to lay flat without any major wrinkles, the back was a different story! Lesson to self: if I need to concentrate, I should probably not be hanging out with my friends :)

2016-17 quilt hanging temporarily in the school hallway

I love harmony between the wolves and the flying geese! I also love that the first names of everyone who worked on this quilt are so prominent in the overall design.

I chose this project as my OMG finish goal for March. Linking up today with all sorts of great parties! Why don't you join us? Let's Bee Social, Linky Tuesday at Freemotion by the River, Fibre Tuesday

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