Grand Illusion: Revealed!

I've had this quilt on my finishes radar since January, but this month I REALLY needed to get it done! In March, I thought I could get it finished because I had a week-long wait for some online fabric orders to arrive...but I got distracted, didn't even get the units assembled into blocks :)

GIMQ rollSo whaddya think?

I've started a trend of making Bonnie Hunter's annual holiday season mystery quilt with the intention of having a new blanket to use in the trailer for the camping season. I love the idea of having scrappy, colourful quilts wrapped around everyone at the campfire, or snuggling under in the camper. I use lots of recycled fabrics - shirts, pyjamas, bandanas, sheets and pillowcases right alongside my quilt shop cottons.

This year, I changed half of the colour suggestions to better reflect my scrap bins. The constant yellow became the orange seersucker, green stayed green, turquoise became yellow, pink changed to brown, and I kept the blacks and neutrals.

Grand Illusion. Bonnie Hunter mystery 2014.

I really like the boldness of the neutrals against the other fabric choices. The windmill motif is so appealing to me!

I LOVE this windmill!

I had ditch quilted all the borders, sashing, and block elements and thought it looked good. So I went ahead and squared everything up, then bound in 2.5 inch wide strips of leftover fabrics from the top. Great! I made the deadline for this goal! YAY!! Then I tried one block with a some more dense quilting.

WOW! I really like the look of this block!! It's hard to see the puffiness of the neutral windmill fins, but the triangular quilting on the black and brown fabrics really give a huge effect!

I haven't totally decided how much of this dense quilting I want to invest into the quilt, but the more I think on it, the more I want to do lots! I haven't done any free motion on the sashing or borders. I will likely do the same triangle motif on the pieced border at some point. The sashing looks a bit naked, so I'm considering a straightline about 1/4 inch on each side of the centre line...but I'm not sure yet...I like the detailed blocks, I just have to look and think on what any of these extras will add to the texture and my enjoyment of the quilt.

So the simple finish I originally planned for this quilt has evolved into something much more detailed and complex, but I know every stitch will be worth it!

Actually, my Celtic Solstice from 2013 followed a similar evolution. I ditch quilted the borders, did an all-over free motion flowery vine in the centre and bound it. Seven months later, I picked it up again and started some detail quilting on the pieced border! I think maybe as my free motion skills get better, I'm more inspired by the detailed piecing to really want to mesh both quilting techniques into a spectacular finish. Or so says my ever humble inner voice!

I'm counting this as a finish for my April ALYOF goal (entry #10 at Fibre of All Sorts)- since it met my original plans of quilting and binding. I'll keep you posted if I decide to further quilt the sashings and borders! Linking up to the ALYOF Finishes party, and later to the Q2 Goal list finishes party. Have you been tracking your finishes?

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