As You Wish: Fezzik

This week I was working on 3 character blocks for the As You Wish Quilt - Fezzik, Valerie & Max and Vizinni. I had all the subunits pinned with the fabrics required and had intended to get all the subunits sewn so I could have an easy finish over the next three weeks to get all the characters completed by New Year's.

But I only got the subunits completed for two blocks. I did start the third, but life got in between me and my sewing machine! This afternoon I pressed then trimmed the subunits for Fezzik and had him totally assembled in under 20 minutes - I even had all the foundation papers removed! (For those unfamiliar with me and paper piecing - that's fast!)

AYW Quilt: Fezzik the Friendly Giant

I didn't notice until I had the whole block assembled that I used the wrong fabric above his right shoulder - that's supposed to be background coloured, not flesh coloured. Oh well, I'll try to mask it with some embroidery and colouring later. I've read lots about people using markers or pencil crayons or fabric paint to cover up a little oops - I think I'll be testing some of these techniques soon!

My favourite hair fabric, Swirls from the Quilter's Candy Basics line at Connecting Threads looks great on Andre (I mean Fezzik!) I also really like the crystalline fabric (also Connecting Threads but out of print now) in his shirt. It reminds me of a coloured brocade. The background leaves fabric I picked up in a remnant bin at Fabricland years ago, and I've been hoarding it. I don't have lots of it (maybe 1/2 yd), and I think it would go well in many of my quilts, but this is the first time I used any (so glad I did!)

I'm using a new thread this month, Superior Threads Masterpiece in white (I forget the exact name now, I'll look it up if anyone's interested.) I'm finding it's quite excellent in my Janome 8200 which can be a thread snob machine. Janie only likes lint-free thread and dislikes piecing because the fabric pushes little bits of fuzz into the feed dogs when I use a 1/4 inch seam. If anyone reading this designs the needle plate and needle positions for Janome - Why can't you make a 1/4 inch seam foot to use the centre needle position and the small holed needle plate? You are promoting the Horizon series machines as quilting machines and most quilting is based on a 1/4 inch pieced seam! OK, rant over.

Janie is my go-to machine for paper piecing because the paper acts as an effective barrier to block the fuzz from entering the feed, and who can make so many short seams without an automatic thread cutter? The knee lift is becoming another must-have for making sure the fabrics are lined up perfectly before sewing on each line. And I love the LED lights. And how quiet she runs. And how she glides over 8 layers of fabric wedged between foundation papers.

For Christmas last year, my husband gave me Cary Elwes' account of the Behind the Scenes making of the movie (the book is called As You Wish) and the road many of the actors took after the film - which has celebrated 25 years of success! I was struck by the humble and truly kind-hearted soul Andre the Giant was described as, and that made me love the movie even more. The casting for this role was perfect. I don't think they could have written the role for any other actor to play!

I wish I had altered the pattern a bit to better detail his hand holding the rock, but overall I'm pleased with the block.

  • Vizinni: Do it Your Way
  • Fezzik: What is my way?
  • Vizinni: When the Man in Black comes around the corner, throw the rock at his head!
  • Fezzik: I do not think my way is very sporting.
  • (I am not direct quoting the movie, this is my recollection of the scene and it's been at least half a year since my last Westley fix.)

With only 2 character blocks remaining, I'm getting excited about really finishing this quilt. I traced most of the character quotes to be hand embroidered last weekend, so hopefully over the holidays I can get some screen time with my favourite characters! Do you think my family will tolerate a viewing (or two) of The Princess Bride?

Anybody got a Peanut?

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