Warren Agricultural Fair 2015

I come from a long line of crafters - and many of them have been exhibiting in local agricultural fairs for years. I can't even remember when I first exhibited...but I was probably about 11 years old.

Most of the quilting entries at the fair

This year, I didn't really prepare for the fair. I picked up an exhibit list in March, but set it on the desk until 3 days before the fair. So there were quite a few last minute finishes this week!

Keep scrolling for close-ups of many new finishes! The three quilts on the bottom I've blogged about before. Left is Grand Illusion, and on the right my son's fire quilt.

The yellow Dresden quilt is one my cousin gave to me this spring with the request that I fix it for her. It just won second place for the unique block design! There are alot of worn fabric to replace, and most of the quilting has come out....I'll have a post soon about my plan for this quilt!

Neutral Log Cabin flimsy - the central star is tough to see in the bright sunlight. First place pieced quilt top

Lots of people where rooting for me to finish this top in time for the fair - and I did!! Distance really helps to distinguish the design layout - at the sewing machine it was so easy to get those blocks turned because the darks aren't that different from the lights!

2015 Challenge block: Grow Local. First place.

I wish I had used narrower strips to make the braid, but I used what I had cut in the 2.5 inch drawer. I made this designed and assembled this block the morning before the fair!

Selvedge bag. Second place - any sewn item

I am generating a small collection of selvedge and string bags (click for my tutorial). I use old pillowcases as a foundation and keep sewing the strings down as I chain piece. For this version, I only used selvedge strips - even for the binding and handles!

Decorated wreath - any occasion. I love quilting - doesn't everyone? First place

Who says wreaths have to have flowers? Or ribbon? I think this would be a great gift for an intermediate quilter!

Isn't this the cutest ornament? Third place - cross stitch any item
Papercrafts for the fair: scrapbook single page layout - third place. Handmade card - second place. Christmas ornament - Second place

I'm still emotional about the story behind this scrapbook page. My husband and I are Star Trek fans - so we often watch an episode (or two!) in the evenings. One episode of The Next Generation was about some people who had been cryogenically preserved and were awoken by the Enterprise Crew. The woman was quite obsessed about what her children did with their lives and how they coped with her gone. The next morning, my son gave me the little note in the bottom right corner saying, "Here Mommy. You can put this letter in the box when you die so when you wake up you know I still love you." It says "Mome, I Luv Yuo" can a 6 year old be any more adorable?!?

The card uses an iris folding technique, but instead of a square, I used an Exacto knife to cut around a metal cookie cutter. I used the cut-out part on the inside of the card with a stamped Thank-you sentiment my friend has from Stampin' Up.

This is my personal favourite Christmas ornament. Second place.

I'm not sure what the winning ornament was - I didn't see it when I visited the exhibits. Wish I had because this is my favourite ornament! I don't mind that all the beads aren't exactly the same size because that makes them reflect light even more!

Photography entries 2015

These are some of the best pictures my husband or I took. The landscape is taken at Grundy Lake Provincial Park, Ontario. The 4-seasons photos are taken at our place except for the one canoeing one which is Bell Lake in Killarney Provincial Park. My dog Ballast has won the pet category for 4 years running - he looks pretty here, but most days he's covered in muck from the swamp!

My husband took the portrait of me at Christmas at my in-laws. I think it's the best picture I've ever sat for! Next is a mountain climbing expedition to Nicholas Peak in Alberta. Night drilling at Kumtor Gold Mine in Kyrgyzstan. This baby deer played for about 5 minutes in our driveway one weekend morning! And lastly is a photo from a few years ago when we visited Eugenia Falls on our travels home from Christmas with family.

So that is the round-up of my crafty entries to my local fair! Have you ever competed at the fair? It's fun!

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