Oh Man, Did I Screw UP!!

February's been a busy month. I've been spending lots of time working with the students and staff at my son's school to make a quilt we'll be raffling off this spring (more on that soon!)

I'm collaborating with my Mom and aunt on a surprise that I can't say anything more about cause I know that might blow the surprise....

And I started a second custom quilt for a customer that I'm supposed to deliver next week.

Oh, NO!Oh NO!!

The fabrics look pretty great together. I was given free choice over them with only the suggestion of wanting an "old timey quilt".

I was so pleased that in 2 weeks I had all the blocks pieced and would have lots of time today to get the top together, and maybe the back pieced as well so I could start basting on a cold Sunday morning while waiting for the boys to fully wake up.

How did I assemble 12 blocks, and only get 1 right? ARGH!

Needless to say, I am forever grateful that I was using Bonnie Hunter's method of "webbing the top" and decided to stop after assembling the rows. I was thinking it would be a good time to snap a photo or two since I haven't taken any since I pulled the fabrics.

Once I had the top laid on the floor, my error became so obvious, I had to shake my head that not only did I mess up 11 blocks, but I didn't even have a systematic error. It seems I was sewing willy-nilly last weekend.

The name of this pattern is Irish Stars - combining the Irish chain block with star blocks - how did I press those blocks and not notice they weren't stars? I plead Netflix.

Family, please don't remind me how fallible I am!

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