What's on Your Bed?

Jo over at Jo's Country Junction asked that since it's cooling off, what's on your bed?

And that reminded me to do some laundry :)

So I took a few minutes to make (or remake) some beds in the house and take pictures!

lonestar quiltBeautiful lonestar quilt - hand quilted!

It was probably 9 or 10 years ago now - wow, doesn't seem that long ago - we got this lonestar quilt as a Christmas gift from my husband's grandmother. She commissioned a local quilter to piece and hand quilt one for each of her grandchildren that year. At the time, I was interested in quilting, but hadn't really tried anything other than a single patch quilt - now I can really appreciate the diamond strip piecing and y-seams!

OK, so I needed to remake my son's bed - he had an old sleeping bag as a comforter, and I couldn't take a picture of that :) So I traded the blue Woods bag for his favourite quilt. I made this because for some reason, I cut 3 times too many strips for a piano key border on another quilt. I started randomly piecing these together with other various widths of strips and eventually had enough for 2 lap quilts.

These lap quilts were totally inspired by Bonnie Hunter - I had the strips piled in a basket by the machine, and in not too much time, I had a stack of 4 wide strips that in an afternoon became complete rows. I liked the idea of crumb piecing, so I chopped up an old crib sheet as foundations, and began using small pieces. That became very addictive - and I thought they broke up the strips nicely.

And here's the final bed. The afghan was made for me by my great-grandmother, 36 years ago. It's been on my bed for probably 32 of those years (I put it away for a while when my husband and I first lived together). I talk a bit more about it here.

I love this 1-patch quilt made from upholstery fabrics. I'm not certain, but I think my husband's grandmother made this quilt. It's hand pieced, the seams embellished with embroidery, and tied with many different yarns. The poor quilt needs a few repairs, but I haven't taken the time to do that yet - some of the woolen fabric have pulled from the seams, and there is a section of binding that's come undone (I think the thread hadn't been knotted and the thread is just unravelling). Part of me likes it just the way it is, and it still works - beautiful, warm and a reminder of a wonderful person.

So that's my home tour today. Only one quilt that I've made, but maybe next time I'll have some more out!! Check out the other responses on Jo's site!

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