Quilt Bucket List

Every quilter has a wish list of quilts they dream to make. It took quite a long time for me to create this list of ten quilts that I need to include on my bucket list. Many of these are more complicated designs - with 1000s of pieces in each quilt, and quilting to enhance every pieced stitch.

1. Log cabin

The traditional log cabin block is an all-time favourite for it's versatility. So many layout options with one easy to chain piece block!

I especially love Judy Martin's designs of varying degrees. I'm currently about to quilt her Summer Lake Log Cabin (which is destined to be a Christmas gift this year!) And there are at least 3 more quilts in her Log Cabin Quilt Book that I want to make, but the most interesting (to me) is this one:

Judy Martin's Finger Lakes Log Cabin

2. Storm at Sea

The Storm at Sea block is one of the patterns that inspired me to get off the sewing sidelines and learning some basic quilting skills. This classic block is made entirely of squares and triangles, but there is a movement created to mimic the stormy seas. I've had a colour scheme of this quilt in greys, blues and greens in mind for years - I just need to get cutting and sewing!

3. Carpenter's Star

This is another of those quilt blocks that I've been waiting for years until my skills were good enough to tackle. I'm sure I can do it now, but I haven't got a colour or fabric inspiration yet to really get started.

4. Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt

I bought this book three years ago - and I've read all the stories at least twice. I love the history behind each block, and the reasons each wife thought the block was important to them. I think I'd like to make this as a true scrap quilt - none of the block fabrics planned, but whatever I can cull from my scrap bins. I'd like to piece the blocks rather than use foundation papers.

Farmer's Wife sampler quilt

5. Christmas cross-stitch quilt

One of my other craft obsessions is cross-stitch. Over the years I have made several small (3 inch) designs intended to finish as ornaments - but I just left them in a drawer. I've decided to add to those designs with some medium and large ones, and eventually use some pieced borders to combine them all into a large couch quilt.

6. Judy Niemeyer pattern

There are so many great patterns by the Quiltworx team - I love the Mariner's Compass, wedding ring series, and my current favourite: Celtic Sunrise. I don't have any real preference - all of these quilts are beautifully detailed and would be a great accomplishment on my quilting career!

7. Heirloom Sampler Quilt

Another book that I've had on the shelf for a few years is How to Create an Heirloom Quilt by Pauline Ineson. I had the idea to use wedding and christening gowns to make a real showpiece. My family had been helping me to collect the fancy clothes, and I'm confident to try some of the blocks on my machine. I hope this quilt does make it off the bucket list and onto the WIP list soon :)

8. Wholecloth Quilt

Ah, to be a good enough quilter to let only the quilting shine! I love the idea of wholecloth quilts, but I don't think I'm quite talented enough yet to make one. I finish all my quilts on a domestic machine - and all my free motion quilting is done on a Janome 8200. I don't do enough to keep my quilting skills super sharp, but my practice curve is getting shorter :)

9. Baltimore Album quilt

Tiny applique, embroidery, detailed quilting in the whitespace - what is there not to love about Baltimore album quilts? I'd like to tackle some smaller projects, just a block here and there to work my way up to the Big One. Something that's still just a hazy image, but will be Canadian/outdoor themed and possibly be my ultimate quilt.

10. Centennial Quilt

I am Canadian, and a huge collector of Canadiana. I found this original pattern when cleaning out a family members home. The most amazing thing is it was in the original shipping envelope too! This is a mix of embroidery and pieced elements to make blocks representing each province and territory at the time of the 1967 Centennial (Canada has since added one more territory). It's a project close to my heart, and I'm very motivated to work on it. I've been collecting fabrics for this project, and hope to start it early in 2016.

This bucket list is by no means an inclusive list of the quilts I hope to make over the next few years (OK, so my timeline is more likely 25 years...) It is a goal list of increasing difficulty in trying new techniques to keep me motivated to continue quilting for many more years to come. Will I finish all these quilts? I hope so, but if I don't there'll be other projects and ideas to keep me busy :)

I hope you create your own bucket list of quilty plans - what's holding you back?

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