Bright Starry Sky QAL 2018

I love the inspiration of this quilt, so I am quilting along with 2 local friends! Follow our progress each month :)

January - Applique Silhouette

March - Fabric Origami

April - Wonky piecing

July - Fabric Weaving

September - Foundation Paper Piecing

Quarterly Goals and Finishes

2014 Q4 Goals 6 projects I'd like to see finished by New Year's Eve 2014

  • String bags. I made eight (8!) and created a tutorial!
  • Christmas table runner from a kit bought at Threads That Bind in Maxwell, Ontario.
  • Fireman Quilt. Sugar Block club blocks, Craftsy block, and some very creative quilting!

2015 Q1 Goals 6 projects I'd like to get completed before April. Wow, I didn't finish even ONE of these goals in three months!!

2015 Q2 Goals 6 projects that I'll be working on. Let's hope my progress is better than last quarter!

  • School quilt, sewn on my antique hand-crank sewing machine by the staff and students at my son's school using donated fabric! We raised $737.50 to install a sound system in the gymnasium - yay!!
  • 60th Anniversary Quilt for my grandparents. I collaborated with my Mom and Aunt to design and sew this extra-large king sized quilt. Individually we made Dresden plates, then we top stitched them onto the quilt sandwich and appliqued a family photo that had been professionally printed onto fabric.
  • Grand Illusion, Bonnie Hunter's mystery from Christmas 2014. I had kept up with some clues, but set it aside to get the fabric ready for the school project.
  • Not finished, but with progress is my Neutral Log Cabin Quilt.

Q3 goals for 2015

  • Ashley's Quilt, made from baby clothes and one t-shirt each from Mom and Dad. This quilt has already become the family favourite in the TV room.

Q4 goals for 2015

OMG - One Monthly Goal

February 2017 Goal: mystery table runner

February 2017 Finish: Canada, Eh? table runner

March 2017 Goal: wolf panel signature quilt

March 2017 Finish: Wolf quilt

April 2017 Goal: Baby clothes Memory quilt

Stash Reports

July Stash Builders Row by Row Experience 2014 shop hop in Ontario

Sunday Stash 17 Aug 2014

Sunday Stash 19 Oct 2014

New fabrics! Jan 25 2015

Quilting toys! 8 Feb 2015

New fabric - and some was free! 1 Mar 2015

New thread, New fabric and a Giveaway Win! 30 May 2015

Major stash enhancement 11 Oct 2015

Christmas gifts - What a fabulous collection! 3 Jan 2016

Quilt Alongs: How I'm doing

December 2014: Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt Along

Xfiles quilt Jan 2016-

  • Blocks 1 and 2, Mulder and Scully, Trust No One
  • 3 more weeks of blocks: Krycek, Deep Throat, Spender, Mr. X, Cigarette Smoking Man and a signature block

Sunbonnet Sue and Sam Around the World Jan 2016-

Mystery Quilt Jan 2016-

  • I love a good mystery, and I found a quilt along where I get a chapter of a whodunit along with a block pattern every month. Every participant also gets a chance to guess who the culprit is. I made the first 5 blocks this week, and posted just before the deadline so I'll get my first bonus clue in time for the June block release.

Blog Hops I've been in

New Quilt Bloggers Blog hop 2015

Cloud 9 New Block Hop: Crossing Stars

Dust off a Quilt Book Blog Hop Log Jam

Interesting posts not already mentioned :)

Teaching my 6 year old how to quilt

pillowcase with cuff to sign

My brother-in-law was leaving for a job posting, so we threw a party and had everyone sign this pillowcase that he could take along!

log cabin pillowcase

I like to make a pillowcase for each quilt I make, I don't always get them done, but I try :)

Crumby Stripes

I made two of these throw quilts over Christmas Break in 2013. I had lots of leftover strips from a previous project (I decided not to add a side border so there was LOTS). I alternated the stripes with crumb blocks and backed with a fleece throw. Perfect for the car! This post dealt with the question "What's on your beds today?"

2015 Fair entries

I've been a huge supporter of agricultural fairs, and this year was no exception!


As You Wish: A Beginning. If you love the movie The Princess Bride, you've got to follow along as I stitch this quilt!

Two more blocks: Princess Buttercup and Count Rugen

You killed my Father! Inigo is my favourite character, and Mandy Patinkin made a forever fan in me :)

No fairy tale movie is complete without the lumbering friendly giant. Fezzik is my latest character, and my tribute to the world's most loved giant, Andre Roussimoff.

The final 2 pieced blocks: Vizzini and Miracle Max & Valerie. Now I'm off to stitch the quotes :)

I began this hand stitched project nearly 2 years ago, and I am about halfway finished the main design. I hope to keep the momentum going and finish the top by Christmas 2017!

I'm working on this vintage yellow dresden blade quilt for my cousin. The original scrappy blades are threadbare and falling off, so I plan to remove them and reuse the yellow to give this quilt many more years of service.

Craft show frenzy! It's 2 days from the first show of the season, and I am not ready yet, but feeling good about my projected finishes!

It's time for the Spring craft shows - so I have a tonne of in-progress stuff, and only ONE completed item ready for the show in three days....

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