Sunbonnet Sue, Tree of Life and Canadian Mystery Quilt updates

Yesterday was a great day for getting blocks together at my local quilting group. I spent the day at the ironing board, heat setting blocks for 3 different quilts I am currently working on.

I am so excited to be near the end of the Sunbonnet Sue and Sam Around the World quilt. Today I have 3 countries to show, and there are only 3 left in the quilt. I started this quilt over a year ago with Marian at Seams to be Sew. I have been using whatever scraps in my bin fit the pieces and none of the background fabrics match. I think I'll use a white sashing and blue cornerstones to connect all the blocks. I made some blocks to finish at 9 inches, and others to finish at 12, and since I haven't done any math yet, I don't know how it will fit together, but that's all part of my quilting adventure :)

You can see my previous blocks here, here, here, here and here.

Sue in Australia

I love these two characters from the Outback!

Sam in Australia
Sue in Sweden

I'm not sure why I chose the beige for the brim of the hat on Sue, I think it should have been a medium blue...oh well!

Isn't Sam with his little stuffed friend adorable?

Sam in Sweden
Sam in Italy

The party continues with Italy :)

Sue in Italy

I have downloaded the final 3 countries, but with several deadlines looming, it will likely be May before I finish those blocks. I'd really like to get this quilt together this year - let's hope I can stay focused!

I really like getting the Cantik Canadian Mystery Blocks every 6 weeks. This is block 10, and it represents the province of Manitoba. I think this image is an accurate depiction of the topography of the area as well. I've only driven through southern Manitoba, but it was all rolling hills and farmland. We didn't see any big wildlife during our travels, but the bison is the provincial animal and is so majestic.

Canadian Mystery - Manitoba

The final quilt update is for the Tree of Life quilt along over at Seabreeze Quilts. I have only started the applique blocks, and skipped the more detailed knot blocks for now. I haven't picked up a bias tape maker which is needed for the knots. Note to self: go shopping!

I am diverging from the pattern directions by using a solid grey background for each block. The designer pieced the squares, but I thought it was too busy and I really want the fused applique and knotwork to stand out. I like the Celtic knot inspiration and I look forward to stitching all these details.

Australian Blue-banded Bees

As the days get longer here, I find my personal sewing time is more limited! The last week I spent working with 2 local elementary schools to teach the children to make a quilt. One school will be selling tickets for their quilt, and the other school is donating it to the church. Although it's quite taxing to spend the day at school with so many energetic students, it is gratifying to watch their inquisitive and creative minds at work. I have more time scheduled at school again this week, so hopefully I will have some photos to show you soon :)

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