WIP Wednesday: Growth Charts

I have a bad habit of putting off til tomorrow anything that seems more like work than something that's for fun. So I find myself 3 days before this weekend's craft and vendor show in support of the Canadian Cancer Society buried under piles of started projects - and only ONE completed item.

Yesterday, I posted about the banner I made to advertise the website, and since it's my 100th post, I'm offering a fabric giveaway. Click over to this post, then comment and share on social media for lots of chances to win some fabric :)

My temporary workstation in the living room

I am running out of room in the bedroom/craft room to keep tables set up and tired of moving piles from spot to spot, so I set up the 6 foot folding table behind the couch. This gives me the advantage of keeping an eye on the kid (who's on Spring Break right now) and an ear on the TV (because Romantic Comedies make everything better).

The table was pretty clear when I took this because I have to iron all the growth charts I sewed yesterday, but you can see the binding piled in the back, several scraps in front of the machine, and the last set of growth charts on the machine, waiting for me to cut more sashing pieces.

The duck tape is for making wallets, I have 8 ready to be trimmed and assembled, but I'd like to do all the trimming at once and there are 3 more rolls beside my computer...so we'll see how many of those get done before Saturday!

Yes, I love that hand crank machine, and I do much of my piecing on it. Like 80% of my quilt tops are made on that machine. It is very easy to use, the tension is great, it will use any thread, and the only maintenance is to oil it about every 2 hours of use. I find that it isn't that much slower than using a standard electric machine, and since it doesn't have a motor, I can listen to movies and TV while sewing. My brother-in-law recommended the Fluid Film that I'm using as lubricant, and it works excellently.

the ironing pile

Here is a shot of my exercise bike, in its current resting state - let's be honest, I use it only occasionally as a bike and mostly as a staging area! The seat has a bin of fabrics I'm using for various projects (bags, mug cozies, growth charts, baby quilts), and the handles are holding the To-be-Ironed-Pile. Ironing is one of those jobs I like to do in blocks of time, while watching something like Downton Abbey. I'll have to pull out a dvd soon :)

Quilt Assistant

My son really wanted to sew this morning, so I let him attach some sashing to blocks. He did a great job while I was standing beside him, reminding him of seam allowance and to line up the top and bottom fabrics. When I went to the kitchen to make breakfast, he didn't do as well and the 3 blocks had the sashing attached only at one end, the bottom fabric having been forgotten and left to wander off on its own......

He is doing much better with his sewing skills, and I promised him that on Friday he can finish his first self-designed project: an electric piano cover. I guess that means that while he's on sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's tonight, I need to get far ahead on my to-do list!

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