Looking forward to the Warren Fair

The best time to work on projects for the fair is now! Deep snow, cold temperatures and overcast skies are the perfect weather to stay inside and create something :)

I have been entering into the local fairs since I was 8 years old, and now I'm part of the organizing committee who bring the events, competitions and fun to the fair every Father's Day weekend in Warren, Ontario.

This year's Prize List is available now by clicking here.

I always have plans to finish more projects than I actually do, but this year I'm planning differently. My goal this year is to set my finished projects in one area of the closet as I go so that come fair time, everything is ready to go. Sounds easy, right? Except past history says I usually get projects -><- that close to being finished and put them aside because "there's not much left to do on it" and it sits FOREVER undone. I need to actually finish those bits and bobs of projects! Even worse, I have unfinished projects hidden everywhere - a jacket pocket holds a bit of handmade lace, boxes and bags of partially started works litter the closet, floor, desk, shelves and storage shed! I have too many things left undone and I need to work harder to complete items rather than get tied up in the excitement of something new :)

Let's take my current list of unfinished quilt works, these are all personally driven, not custom orders!

  • Scrappy Maple Leaves - 29 of 49 blocks, some border units pieced as well
  • Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt - needs to finish quilting, about half quilted
  • On Ringo Lake Mystery Quilt - blocks finished, sashing sewn, needs setting triangles and top can be pieced
  • Log Jam - blocks begun, due February
  • Crumb Quilt - blocks need to be trimmed and assembled into a top
  • Sunbonnet Sue Around the World - blocks completed
  • Sunbonnet Sue in Canada - need to finish 2 provinces. I am combining these blocks with the Canada Mystery Quilt I did to make a queen size beauty.
  • Row by Row - have 6 rows finished, many more in various stages of completion...likely enough for at least 4 quilts
  • Starry Night QAL - need to finish 7 star blocks. Need to make at least 20 textured blocks, will be substituting some new techniques over the 4 different smocking ones
  • Quilts of Valour - our sewing group is making a quilt in red/white for a quilt drive, I've only cut the pieces, due by June
  • Quilting Ladies - I have to finish the applique then quilt and bind, due by June
  • Cowboys - top needs borders then quilting
  • Case Squared - needs borders and quilting
  • On the Go - needs to be unsewn, sashed and reassembled
  • Disney bookshelf - about half the blocks are made, due by Christmas
  • Stephen King bookcase - half the blocks are drawn, this is a new technique for me - colouring! It will be an interesting test project :)
  • tablecloth - I designed the block 3 summers ago and assembled them and they've sat ever since....
  • wallhangings - I have at least 10 in various stages of completion from just cut out to needing a small bit of quilting finished.
  • bags - again there are 6 partly assembled and waiting on me to thread the machine

If we looked at all my craft projects, we'd be here all day! I have 4 stitching projects in the living room alone ;)

I know I'm not alone in my crafting methods! Lots of others talk about ufo's and wish lists of projects we have purchased and not yet begun. This year, I want to focus on finishing what's here before starting something new and exciting. I still like lots of the stuff I have here, I just choose not to finish them. There's always a good excuse though - laundry to fold, kids to drive, tv to watch...so here's my personal challenge: I need to finish the projects currently in my room. There are 19 items on the quilting list, and I don't think that's a comprehensive list of what's started in this room! I want to have 5 of those done and enter into the fair.

Last year I had only 15 items in the fair, this year I want to double that number. Who's with me? With categories from canning to sewing to painting to gardening there's something for everyone's interest. Download the prize list today and let's see what you create!

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