Knowing when to start over.....

I haven't done much cross-stitching lately. Ever since my son started school two years ago, I find it very hard to concentrate on a cross-stitch graph in the evenings - I'm just too tired.

Our family had the entire last two weeks off, and I was itching for something to do while watching Christmas movies and Netflix. So I looked at my stash of cross-stitch kits and chose this one.

Kit found on my shelf

My dad likes wolves. At least I think he does. He now has a small collection of figurines we've bought him over the past 20 or so years!

I remember buying this kit....a very long time ago. I don't see a date on the packaging, but I'm pretty sure I've had it at least 10 years now.

The kit is a Signature Series by Designs for the Needle, titles Nature's Window. The graph is OK, I prefer graphs where the symbols are smaller and centered in each square. This one has each symbol filling the square completely so it's kinda hard to read.

I do like that all the back-stitching is shown in red. That will make finishing easier later!

A Tragic Miscount

I was happily stitching along, moving from the centre to the left sewing the purple bottom third of the letters. As I was working my way back with the green shading beneath the letters, I noticed a miscount.

So I checked my count again.

And again.

Then I held my tongue cause my kid was in the room and I'm not supposed to swear.

Why I had to start over...

I originally started stitching by finding the centre of the fabric and pattern, then selected the colour closest to that point - Purple. Awesome. Purple makes up the bottom third of each letter. To add cuteness, the "o" is a wolf paw. That's where my troubles lay....

So I'm working my way from the letter "l" to the left. No problem with the L. No problem with the paw. Now the W....I counted the "w" off the second toe of the paw. I was supposed to count off the first toe. That made the entire W and all the green landscape off by about 15 squares.

I did not notice that the "w" was supposed to be larger than the other letters...

I did not notice that as I was stitching the green landscape to the left of the "w" that it would not line up with the letters to the right of the "w".

So I kept going. Until I saw my error.

Was it worth it to rip out? There was about 5 hours of work in stitching the "w" and the landscape. And it'd take me at least 3 hours to rip it out. I hate wasting time!! 8 hours - Too much!

Now, yes, I could try to keep what I had done and rework the pattern. Who would know where the "w" should be? But I would have to adjust all the landscape too. If not for the letter w, the green trees would be an unbroken straight line from one side to the other. Because I had shifted the letter W up 15 squares, the trees were shifted up that many too.

Decision made. I had to start over. It is less work to start a new piece with new fabric, than to unstitch my error. I will keep the wrong piece for a while, I can always rework the pattern - but more likely I'll cut up the fabric to make ornaments.

So I headed out to the shed (where I keep most of my extra craft stuff) in -20C weather to find the piece of navy Aida cloth I needed to start over.

A new beginning....

the new beginning

The new piece of cloth is smaller, so I'm going to stitch just the middle three wolves and the word above them. I'll see as I go how much of the landscape I'll extend past the writing.

So this time, I'll be working from the centre to the right. There's less space between the letters, so less chance of miscounting.

And I don't have another piece of navy on hand, so I really need to count carefully!

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